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Disability need not be an obstacle to success Story of Sameer and Etto

Disability need not be an obstacle to success
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Human beings, by nature, are social animals. They always tend to be a part of a society. However not all human beings are born with same physical and mental capabilities. In different cultures of the world, some human beings are accepted and some are not. One such example are those who are disabled or more appropriately, differently able persons. Sameer Ahmed Khan, a young Pakistani differently able person, is changing the way how people perceive these special persons.

Sameer was born with a condition of Fine Motor Control. This condition prevents a human to solve logical expressions and also has a toll on the physical parts of the body. In the case of Sameer, his verbal communication is affected and cannot pronounce certain words fluently as others do. Also his hands are not able to respond and grip things as rapidly as other people can.

There’s a famous proverb that “ where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Sameer has applied this in his own life. He busted through all these obstacles and launched a project known as “EATOO”. it’s a unified kitchen where differently able person work side by side with other people. Sameer went to Abu Dhabi in March 2019, for participations in games with the help of special Olympics Pakistan. There, was an entrepreneur project which required a unified partner, a mentor and a special person. This gave birth to the idea of EATOO. Initially Sameer used to purchase a local food item called “Samosa” and sold it in different offices. Slowly and gradually Sameer and his team expanded this concept by starting their own kitchen and selling the food items made in it. Today EATOO is well perceived by the society and its doors are open for those differently able persons who’s families are ready to make a change.

Sameer Ahmed khan has proved that these physical obstacles are no match for the passion and will power that he possesses. With the support of his family he has established that he and all those who are a little different, can contribute to the society because in the words of Nick Vujicic “the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph”.

Chairperson: Ms. Ronak Lakhani
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Mahfooz Elahi
Regional Coordinator: Ms. Shamiala Irum
Project Coordinator: Syed Ali Roshan

Project: Mentor: Muhammad Ali Khalid
Athlete leader: Muhammad Sameer
Unified Partner: Muhammad Hamza

Syed Saboor ul Hassan
Syed Saboor ul Hassan is currrently doing MBA (Marketing) from NUML Islamabad. He is writer of Islamabad Magazine. He is also doing affiliate marketing for a UK based manufacturing company.

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